My thoughts of making art…



  • ( Quotes by L.Popchevalieva for Arteecollage )

  • I think of another dimension, an extension of where I am now, where I once was, and where I will be…The time caught in this moment, it’s only a sound that you can hear… Let each tick…tock define a moment cherished, unforgotten and frozen in time.I am listening this silent illimitable, never resting thing called Time, and thinking about his measure and his breath which is our breath and …. I   LIVE .
  • I have a fear of humanity, a fear that the majority is as sensless as what I’ve experienced..Ad than, after much thoughts, I again coil into this imaginary world. I feel important and respected here…I feel natural and protected..Here comes the light of my imaginative world. This world of mine, I’ve not heard a sound, or imagined physical feeling. It’s a place for me. It is. I am.
    A place for Alien, it baffles my own imagination.
  • This is the immagination of the real world, the blind moment of the emotional perception which takes us absent of this vegetable universe, just for a moment the animals and the nature seems a faint shadow. This is the life – we are here to fly and feel the freedom, but locked into this society that makes us beleive what is right, absorbing in the same time our soul and brain.
  • Take me with you, my precious spirit in joy and sorrow. I am in you, you in me, confusion writhes around our hearts impatiently, it drains the faith that lights the dark side and set us totaly free.
    We are sure of what we are doing, free decisions for our love, we won’t open our eyes afraid we would die for love again. This is our love’s requiem.
  • We can feel tension in the atmosphere and scream about it, it’s my energy exploding inside, don’t deny me what I am. I just can see and feel that all WE are part of some strange plan. It’s time to look into a new millennium, the FIRE is breathing and showing our way. I’m not a stranger in this lonely promised land, I AM the lord of the LIGHT .
  • The creature of the Earth and the Ocean, full of Beauty , her innocent face, punished for this beautiful gift to become an angry terrible creature , head full of evil snakes with stone heart… Suffering for the rest of her life, never see the Sun of the smile and no hope for her precious Love… Oh Medusa Creature of the Evil Beauty.
  • Extremely powerful and intelligent, with his form of Magic, is asking me to become his friend. How can I be sure that he won’t do anything to me, I am a peace of meat for his hunger. He is searching to convince me that can also speak my language.
    I would not want to live in a world without dragons, as I would not want to live in a world without magic. This is a world without mystery,a world without faith. So, l will let him to enter in my life.
  • Please don’t be afraid of how I look outside,I know that I am a bloody furious ANIMAL like you think, but angry or calm, I am simply peaceful in my heart, just like you, desire to not be alone.. Leave me in your world and I show you the pure energy that I have in my heart.
  • Building a conflict between us, for unique love, for HER, is there any reason that I have to fight ? YES there is, a FURY that I have for you, making Me a monster for killing and destroY, YOU disgusting creature that you ruin my faith and felicity, I won’t leave you this time to TOUCH her and even look her.
    I am fighting for my LOVE.
  • Exploding the feelings and making in the same time a scene of killing yourself, It doesn’t works. Crash your wall of weakness and release your thoughts forever. You are a strong being, respect your LIFE and LIVING.